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Loft Conversions Bishop's Stortford

Need more space?

Your loft is probably the largest bit of unused space in your home. It’s aso the easiest and least disruptive to convert. More cost effective and less stressful than moving house!

You may not even have to extend at all just strengthen the floor, add insulation and windows and you’ve gained a valuable light-filled space with views.

Add value to your home

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says a loft conversion could increase the value of your home by 25 per cent and costs about one third of moving home.

For most loft conversions you don’t even need planning permission. There are exceptions but we can advise you on the technical stuff.

Building Regulations approval is a must and you might need a Party Wall Agreement with your neighbours.

Loft Conversions Bishop's Stortford

Loft Conversions Bishop's Stortford

If you are looking for Loft Conversion Bishop’s Stortford,  CLG Conversions can provide a comprehensive package of loft conversion services including an all in one design and build package.
We can oversee every step of the process from planning and approval through to the construction and cater to the needs of you the client, so are happy to customise our services too.Your needs and requirements will be discussed in detail when you meet with one of our team. There are many different types of loft conversions available, but trying to decide which type is most suitable for you and your property can sometimes prove difficult. The most common type of loft conversion that we carry out are dormer loft conversions which provide good value for money and space, but there is a wide host of other options. 

View all types of loft conversions.

The work done from beginning to the very end of my loft conversion has been nothing short of perfection. I would not hesitate to recommend CLG Conversions to anyone looking to improve their home. Lionel Marks

Design Considerations

We assess the existing structure and discuss your proposed loft conversions Bishop's Stortford structure and design including stairs, windows, drainage and anything else you need.

Safety & Comfort

We'll help you with Fire Safety, insulation, ventiliation, sound proofing, general sustainability and other aspects of the loft conversions Bishop's Stortford you may not have thought of.

Heat & Light

We'll talk you though the key decisions on lighting and assess whether your current boiler will cope with the added space in the loft conversions Bishop's Stortford.

Need a Bathroom?

Don't worry! We can deal with the extra plumbing and waste requirements for your loft conversions Bishop's Stortford. These can be re-routed from below and the soil pipe extended on the exterior of your home.

Which Windows?

One of the joys of a loft conversions Bishop's Stortford is the extra light so your choice of windows is important. We can help you make the choice from dormers, skylights or rooflights.

How long will it take?

It depends on your individual loft conversions Bishop's Stortford but in general a straightforward simple loft conversion can be completed in 4 to 5 weeks and is the least disruptive type of extension.

Do I Need Planning Permission to for a Loft Conversion Bishop’s Stortford?

It depends. Generally, loft conversions tend to be considered Permitted Development, but your loft conversion design will need to comply with a number of specified parameters. If you intend to extend beyond the limits and conditions of Permitted Development, or your property is listed or in a conversation area, then you will need to apply for planning permission for your loft conversion. You will also need planning permission if you are altering the roof height or shape (which may be the case if you have to raise it for headroom in the loft conversion). Roof lights and dormer windows can be installed in the loft conversion under Permitted Development, but they must not sit forward of the roof plane on the principal elevation, nor must they be higher than the highest part of the existing roof.

Loft Conversion Bishop’s Stortford – Always check with your local planning office before you start any work.

Loft Conversions Bishop's Stortford - we're in your area

Bishop's Stortford - historic market town

Bishop’s Stortford is situated in rural Hertfordshire, on the border with the county of Essex, the town council estimate that there will eventually be between 40,000 and 45,000 people living in Bishop’s Stortford on the Hertfordshire side of the County boundary, with, perhaps, another 5,000 to 10.000 living in Essex, but looking to Bishop’s Stortford as the natural centre for their shopping and leisure pursuits. Despite the growth of Bishop’s Stortford the retention of over 90 acres of parks and open spaces as ‘green wedges’ into the centre of the town from the Metropolitan Green Belt that surrounds it has prevented excessive urbanisation. All are agreed however  that Bishop’s Stortford will not lose its identity as a traditional market town in which the quality of life of its people is of paramount consideration.